How to Shoot High-Quality Organic Videos

Shooting organic videos specific to your moving business is a great way to engage with your community and generate relevant content. Video is only increasing in popularity, and organic videos about your company and your team make for great social media posts. These videos can even be re-purposed into blogs! Today, the CEO of Movers’ Marketing Machine of Melbourne, FL will go over some tips and tricks on how to capture awesome organic videos.

Learn How to Capture Awesome Organic Videos for Your Moving Company

“Hey, good day, guys! It’s Mark from Movers’ Marketing Machine, and today we’re going to be talking about the organic videos that you’ll be producing and sending to us. I should say you’ll be shooting and sending to us. First of all, I want to talk a little bit about composition.  Composition, meaning how you frame yourself in the video. Whether you’re shooting with a cellphone or DSLR you want to make sure, but especially if you are shooting with a cellphone,  to film horizontally, not vertically. A lot of people, when they’re filming for Facebook or Instagram, they kind of just film horizontally which is great, but if you can, just turn it vertically. That way we can fill the screen. YouTube likes that full screen with the full width of the video. So, this gives us a better opportunity to do that.


Also, if you go to film selfie-wise and talk to the camera… that’s cool. You know, that has no problem. We’re going to get a lot of those, especially if you’re out in the field and something comes to you, hey, this would be a great little topic talk about this month! You want to whip out your cell phone, turn the selfie setting on, and boom! Off to the races. But, you also might want to put it on a tripod. These days, they have these cheap little tripods. You don’t need anything heavy because the cell phones aren’t going to be very heavy. And they have these little doohickeys that you can just pop a cell phone on. So, you set it up and you go where you want to film and then you put the tripod up. Or, you can even put it on your desk, especially if you’re going to film from your desk every month. These things are on Amazon for cheap. No big deal. Get a little cellphone holder. You’re off to the races.


The next thing we will talk about is audio. That’s a killer. In production, the thing that will kill you the most is audio. So if you go outside, let’s say, and you happen to hear wind noise or you’re hearing the lawn guy or the leaf blower or a truck going by, Harley-Davidsons, you’re pretty much going to hear it. If you hear the cameras can pick it up. So be aware of that and maybe go to a quieter area. That’s a big thing because it’s hard to clean some that stuff up once it’s in there.


The other thing is lighting. If you’re filming midday and the sun is straight up and you’re outside, you’re going to have a lot of harsh shadows. It’s better to go to a little shaded area so it’s not so harsh. Your eyes won’t be squinting as much. You’re probably not going to need lights. Again, this is organic video, really looking for a topic that is relevant to your business. Maybe you got a new moving truck. Or, you landed a new contract. Or, you have an employee that won an award, or whatever it is. We’re going to be doing these monthly. So, one or two of these videos a month that will be anywhere from three to five minutes long. A little bit longer is fine because we want it to be longer for YouTube. We’ll do the shorter version on Instagram and Facebook.


Lastly, talking again about composition when you’re filming, whether you’re holding it up or on a tripod, you want to watch headroom. You don’t want to have too much or too little. You want to have just enough headroom, and you don’t want to be cutting your head off in the video. So just watch that. You will see it on the phone when you’re filming yourself because you’ll be seeing yourself on the phone unless you’re using a DSLR. Some of them have a little flip-out monitor, but again, pretty simple stuff. We don’t want you to overthink it, just giving you a couple of little tips. When your video comes and you drop it in a Dropbox for us, we’re going to take it and clean it up. Clean the audio, put some lower-third graphics and some bullets and all that stuff. Until next time, it’s Mark Lewis from Movers’ Marketing Machine. We’ll see you then!”

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