Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

These days simply having a website is not enough to get more clients for your moving business. You must have a strategy in place to ensure that your website is highly ranked on various search engines for your most important keywords. If you run a moving service you don't need us to tell you that it's competitive out there. Your plate is full keeping up with customers dates, employees, truck maintenance and hoping nothing gets damaged during the move.

Worrying about your SEO, and what people are saying about you on multiple review sites while very important, they are something that you shouldn’t be sweating each month. That’s where Movers Marketing Machine comes in.

Local Listings

Create your listings on all major platforms such as:

Remember, it is paramount to keep your listings consistent. Make sure your information is correct not just for customers but for search engines to know it is you.

Remember to verify listing on a regular basis.

Client Reviews

Get them while they’re hot

Get regular client reviews every month. Most clients are unlikely to respond or leave review after some time has passed. You need a system to follow up with happy customers and get their good word.

Keep an eye out for the competition

Keep an eye on how your competition is doing, compare and contrast. Improve your business and showcase the difference. Make it easy for a potential customer to pick a better moving service.

Engage your best customers

Make sure to ask the right customer to leave a review. Nothing but the 5-star reviews.

Develop a strategy to acquire reviews

Asking for review can be a time consuming process. You need a strategy to make it effortless for both you and your customer. We have the tools to help you do just that.

Focus your efforts

Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing & Yahoo. Pick four that are most important to you.

Directories & Citations

Get your business info to all major directories and citation sites. Create complete profile with consistent business name, address, contact information and a list of services.


Content Creation

Service Pages

Create page for every service you offer. Remember, the content is KING. Write unique, engaging content about your company and service. No copy paste, your content must be unique to get your site ranked well. No less than 400 words, write useful information to help your customer realize you are the best moving service for them. Explain and highlight the benefits of your services and your company.

Create services page listing all your services, with a short description and link to each individual service page. This is your directory of services, showcase everything you can do for your customer.

Explain Your Process

Customers want to know how their moving will work. Explain your process in detail. Tell what is included in the service and what is not. List your best qualities and guarantees. Write content that engages and calls for action – make it easy to make a right choice.


Create a list of real questions, and answer them in detail. Make your customer feel safe. Provide multiple ways to ask their own question through a form, email and phone number.


Publish weekly articles related to your work such as:


A great way to follow up with past, and interested customers. Compose interesting newsletters with your best of the month content, reviews and local content. Create an effective but non-intrusive newsletter subscription form.

Search Optimization

Website Analytics

Take advantage of Google analytics to track how many people visit your site. Understand how people use your website. How much time they spend on your pages, what works and what doesn’t. Analyse the data on a regular basis and make changes to improve your website engagement.

Search Console

Create and connect your site to Google Search Console to learn how people find you online. Compare and contrast to your competition and make changes to your SEO to get ahead.


XML sitemap guides search engines on how to index and list your site pages. Create an XML sitemap and submit to all major search engines. Do search engines understand your website?


Specify what pages you want to show online.

Content Optimization

Is your content optimized for keywords people are searching? Get a list of most search keywords relating to your business and service and use them to optimize your content.

Meta & Links

Create unique page titles, meta tags and descriptions for every single page. Create easy to read URLs, avoid stop words. Link your content to relevant pages on your site, and link out to high authority external sites such as association or government websites.

Keywords & Formatting

Insert your focus keywords whenever it is appropriate in URLs, titles, headings, paragraphs, lists and links. Format your text, use bold, italic and underline to highlight your keywords. Optimize images and set up alt and title tags.

Website Optimizations


Slow websites lose potential customers, if your site is taking more than 2 seconds to load something is wrong. Keep up with your website performance by regularly doing the following:

Mobile Ready

More than 50% of traffic is mobile, and it's only growing. Not only this, but now most search engines use your mobile site as primary way to index and rank your site. If you are not mobile friendly, you are no on the first page of search.

Website Security

Encrypt your site

If you have any forms, or take payments online you must have SSL encryption. SSL encrypts all information sent between customer and website. Protect yourself and your customer by adding website SSL encryption (https://).


Sites infected with malware can be blocked and delisted from search engines. Setup anti-malware software to keep your site malware free.

Regular Backups

Run regular backups – monthly, weekly and daily. So when the worst happens, your site can be back up and up to date in no time. Our clients benefit from daily backups up, with downloads available up to a month back.

Search & Sharing Optimization

Is your website listed correctly? Does your content do a good job of converting visitors to paying customers? Optimize page content with these things in mind:

Video Content

Videos get better engagement than any other type of web content.


Create trust and authority of your website through:

Strategy Outline

Browse through the outline of our SEO Secret sauce that will get you ranked high and acquire new customers.

Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist

For moving companies

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