Our Process

Phase #1

Discovery Phone Call / Consultation

We'll set up a quick phone call to introduce Movers Marketing Machine as well as get to know you and your moving business needs. Our goal will be to get an idea of all the types of moving services you offer, talk about your service area or areas, talk about what CRM you are using, as well as discuss any other features or functions you might need for your website. We also will answer any questions you might have for us.

Phase #2

Website Audit and Your Competition Analysis

Our second step in the Movers Marketing process will be to look under the hood of your current website to review and analyze both the written content as well as images to see what needs to be tuned up. Once we’re plugged into the backend of your site, we’ll also perform an SEO audit to see how well your site is currently ranking and what actions may be necessary to help increase the SEO horsepower. Movers Marketing Machine will also look at your competition and what on page strategies they may have deployed when it comes to SEO, this will help give us an idea of what will be required to beat them.

We will record about a 20-minute video highlighting the key points of the audit so you can understand our plan. We will also provide you with a few options for our services and cover what is included with each.

Phase #3

Movers Marketing Machine Proposal Approval

Once you have reviewed your Website and SEO audit report and our Movers Marketing proposal and you’re ready to partner with Movers Marketing Machine as your moving company’s marketing partner, simply select the services you desire, agree to the Mover Marketing terms and conditions, and make your first month's payment and we’ll get started.

Phase #4

New MMM Client Questionnaire

At MMM we believe in transparency, and in doing so we need to let you know that this step may be a little time consuming for you. However, it is vital to the process to have this form filled out. Receiving this information from you helps us effectively market your business online. Our questionnaire was created to help get all the information we could possibly need to access and manage your online properties. So please take a minute to answer all the questions as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

Phase #5

Website Design & Ground Up Optimization

This is where it all starts, the design and programming of your website. Since your website acts as the hub to all your digital marketing efforts for your Moving Company, it’s imperative that the site is built to function as well as perform well with Search Engines. That is why we believe the site has to be built correctly right from the start. Our team will review what you currently have, whether it's a nice professionally designed website, a Do it Yourself site, or no website at all. From there we’ll develop a plan to make the improvements and optimization required to your website with the end goal of converting visitors into moving customers and increasing your ROI.

Phase #6

Site Buildout and Individual Page Construction

Having the appropriate amount of content for a moving company website is vital when trying to rank higher in search engines. We typically see many moving company sites that are significantly lacking when it comes to having original content as well as not having enough pages period. Many of these sites only have between 5 and 10 pages including the home page, contact us, about us and one or two service pages. Bottom line, this simply is not enough in the eyes of Google and other search engines to rise above your competition and also to be found in a wide area of search queries.

At Movers Marketing Machine, we take a different approach by building out separate pages for each of your services and a page for each of your service areas. We also deploy a blog for ongoing relevant content customized for your moving company. Our typical Moving Company website is between 15 to 30 pages excluding any blog content.

Phase #7

Original & Relevant Content Creation

Ok, don't sweat it because the Movers Marketing Machine team will write all the content needed for your site. We’ll use the information that you provided us in Step 4 about the moving services you offer, the areas you service, any guarantee, awards won and other details which will help us build the content for your website. Because Movers Marketing Machine only works with Moving Companies it means we know your business. When it comes to an SEO proven on-page content format we got it! Plus we will give your customers a great user experience as well as well-written content that the search engines like.

Phase #8

Reputation Monitoring & Review System

In today’s digital world reviews are so important to the Google Algorithm they are actually ranked 3rd in order of importance! To address this, the Movers Marketing team will help your company create a trust factor to the public through your website with a good review profile. That’s why every Movers Marketing website is built with a review management platform that will allow you to monitor reviews. We’ll also embed the reviews on your website so visitors will be able to see your recent reviews. We’ll also help you set up an automated process to request reviews from your customers on an ongoing basis so the reviews and feedback stay current.

Phase #9

Website Contact Forms or CRM Integration

First, we’ll need to determine if you are using a current CRM, or if you would like us to implement a new CRM into the new website. If you prefer not to use a CRM a Movers' Marketing Machine team member will install forms into your new website to capture potential new lead information.

Phase #10

Launch Goes Live

After all the work above is done it’s time to launch your new website. We will also link your current Google Analytics or embed new Google tracking code if you currently do not have an account set up. At this point, we’ll create a sitemap and submit a request to Google to crawl and index your new website. The entire process typically takes approximately 4 weeks but can go 6 weeks or more depending on the final scope of your project.

Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist

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