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Sean Stein

A Mother's Touch Movers

I've been using Movers Marketing Machine since 2014. If you're looking to get your moving company on the front page of Google and Yahoo you need to use Movers Marketing Machine. They're top notch. They do what they say they're going to do. And I promise you this, they know what they're doing.

The moving industry, that's what I know is the moving industry. I don't know anything about the technology of today with the SEO and all that. Once I hired them I didn't have to worry about that. Movers Marketing Machine handled everything for me. I went to them to build a new web page and once they built that new web page they actually told me about the SEO that they did. Well, I had used several other SEO companies. Nobody's done the job Movers Marketing Machine. So if you really want to get your moving company on that front page of Google this is the company you need to call.

They build that web page so that it optimizes with Google. So these guys have to stay on top of that not just set it up and they're done, here's your SEO. This is a weekly thing that these guys stay on because technology is always changing. They're also doing my franchise website. In fact, we've got it complete we're just waiting to launch.

I run seven trucks here in Melbourne. Literally, since 2014 I've added four new trucks on. The growth within five years has been tremendous just by all the business that I'm getting from my SEO. Your whole business is just going to skyrocket. I highly recommend that you use this company as far as your SEO is concerned. Your web page, you want to build a web page that's going to last for a while but it's also going to bring business to your site and that business comes by it being on the front page of Google. If you really want to get your moving company on that front page of Google this is the company you need to call.

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We love hearing success stories like Sean's. And we've watched him grow over the years, adding trucks and watching his business grow, it’s kind of cool! And now it's your turn. We're going to be taking appointments to talk to local movers all through the United States and we can only handle one moving company per market.

Mark Lewis

Founder of Movers’ Marketing Machine

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