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Having a good review profile is essential to establishing trust with potential customers. Every website managed by Movers Marketing Machine includes a powerful review management platform that will allow you to easily monitor customer reviews. Our platform will allow you to get online reviews on sites that matter the most to your business. You’ll also be able to boost your company’s customer perception by leveraging feedback from a multitude of review sources.

Our review management platform also provides an automated process for gathering new reviews and feedback. Best of all, you’ll be able to integrate your best moving customer reviews into your site so that potential clients can see the excellent work that you’ve provided to your customers.

The genius of our review management platform is that it gathers reviews from over 200 sites, including Google and Facebook, and places them all on one page for you. You’ll be able to conveniently check multiple review sites all at once so that you can respond quickly to reviews both positive and negative. What’s even better is that you can show the world all of your positive feedback. Not only will the platform allow your top reviews to be featured on your website, but the reviews can also be instantly shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Being able to share your best reviews across the web and social media will allow you to look like a shining star to potential customers who are looking for someone they can trust in the moving industry. Plus, you can quickly and effortlessly solicit new reviews via email, SMS, your website, and your social channels. There are a variety of formats to choose from and all of your requests can be customized with all of your branding and messaging.

You’ll be able to create great looking invitations that will elicit actionable responses from customers from up to four review sites that matter to your business the most. The bottom line is that more reviews equal more moving jobs for your company. Allow Movers Marketing Machine’s review management platform help you look like a star and gain trust all across the web.

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